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When time has come to say farewell to a tree, felling is necessary and requires a professional team to do the job properly. No felling job is the same from one tree to another, and each felling operation has its differences and its own obstacles (utility wires, houses, pools, other structural weakness, etc.). Therefore, nothing should be left to chance. Even for felling, the tree must be respected. Its lethal potential must be taken into account. Overlooking or neglecting best safety practices required to properly fell a tree can have serious consequences. ARTbres fells trees by taking maximum care of the surrounding structures. Yes, we are insured! But our best insurance remains our expertise and prevention. 

Élagage & Taille
Pruning and Shaping

When a mature tree seems to decline and does not appear as beautiful as it once was, it may be that a structural default impedes its development. Only one pruning may be enough to restore life and beauty to the tree for years to come. When shaping a tree that is less than 10 years old, pruning is simple, inexpensive and provides results the following year. However, even minor pruning should not be improvised, since bad cuts can lead to injuries which let fungi and diseases into the tree. We can’t repeat it enough: in addition to the technical aspects, this business is an ART! And it is this approach that guides what we do at ARTbres. 


This technique uses the mechanical strength of the tree itself to help it maintain its structure. Using very high strength cables, opposite trunks are linked together to avoid all unwanted breakage, for example, onto a nearby building. 

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